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Bolsena lake

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Bolsena Lake

The lake Bolsena is the greatest lago than volcanic origin of Europe, to 304 mt. on the sea level, with its surface of 114 Km² and the first absolute in the Lazio. Km has a perimeter of 43 and the maximum depth of 151 mt, localized to the center of the river basin. The lake Bolsena is fifth of Italy; its waters come quite drunk from the fishermen who attend it with the characteristic barges from the flat hull. The Marta river is the only emissary who begins its course to south of the lago, in the you press some homonym town, to flow to the Tyrrhenian sea in the presses of Tarquinia.

In the lake of Bolsena two islands rise, Bisentina and the Martana, residual of ancient volcanic cones, on its rivers, sandy and luxuriant of vegetation, some small and laughing inhabited centers are leaned out :

lake bolsena


Bolsena - that placed on the shore of the lake with its castle that enunciates from the high one with the medieval village; Bolsena that beyond to giving the name to the lago, it is famous for the miracle of the Corpus Domini and for the plastic pictures prepared from figuring the evening of the eve of the Festivity of Cristina Saint, female saint of the city.

Little more ahead Capodimonte - the country is situated on a cape that shows oneself on the lake of Bolsena, with its dock from which the ferries for the two leave islands and with the rocca farnese dominate the country. It has a long beach of volcanic sand, placed side by side by the quarters to the Italian it constitutes one of the best ways to enjoy the lake.

Then Marta - note for the celebrations in honor of the Madonna of the Mount, the so-called Festivity of the Passages, that Barabbata is often denominated.


To 15 minutes of car, to 20 kms the The lake Bolsena, but first climbing in direction Viterbo a brief standstill " belvedere " to admire once more the Cliff of Orvieto that dominates the valley ...e from the Cliff to rise stately...the Cathedral and the Tower of the Moro...and enjoy all the scenery around.

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